Cognac Gourry de Chadeville Depuis 1619

Gourry de Chadeville

Since 1619

Grande Fine Champagne

1er Crû de Cognac

Domaine de Chadeville
Cognac - Segonzac - France
400 ans de père en fils sur le même sol
400 years in the same vineyard from father to son
Propriétaire du domaine de Chadeville
signature pierre goursat gourry

Le domaine de Chadeville


After four centuries, The Gourry de Chadeville family, owners of the Chadeville property, cultivates its vineyard at Segonzac.

To the best of our knowledge, no other Cognac House can claim to have earlier origins, combining the practice of distilling Premier Cru Cognac with the consistency of the domain name.

Pierre Goursat - Gourry de Chadeville
Attaché à une même terre depuis quatre siècles
1er cru cognac - Producteur Gourry de Chadeville

Since 1619 this domain has resisted the passing of time and is located in the heart of the most prestigious region of Cognac (Premier Cru). It produces “GRANDE FINE CHAMPAGNE” appreciated by the experts all over the World.

400 years, fifteen successive generations on the Chadeville estate in the heart of the Grande Champagne premier cru de Cognac.
Notre ADN l'art de la Distillation Pierre Goursat Gourry


The art of distillation

For centuries, the distillation procedure has stayed unchanged.

The traditionally shaped still from the Charente Region is the same. The distillation is carried out in 2 steps:

  • 1st step: The first draft is called “brouillis” and is between 28% to 32% alcohol volume.
  • 2nd step: The “brouillis” is distilled a second time and this procedure is called “La bonne chauffe” (the good brew).

The “head and tail” of this distillation are removed and “the heart” (le cœur) kept. This procedure is very delicate; the first vapors “the head” (la tête) and the last one “the tail” (la queue), are stored separately and are reintroduced in another distillation.

The liquid obtained from “the heart” will become the cognac that has already taken on the first elements of its personality. Each cycle lasts 24hrs and demands attention, supervision and skill.

The geographical area for cognac production has been defined by decree on May 1st 1909. The region is divided in 6 “crus” growing areas.

The Grande Fine Champagne is the “cru” growing right in the center of the Region.

Owner of the Chadeville estate