Le Cognac Gourry de Chadeville, Grande Fine Champagne, Ier Cru de Cognac, doit être dégusté lentement dans des verres à cognac et réchauffé amoureusement dans le creux de la main. Ainsi se dégagera le bouquet le plus subtil. Sa finesse et son parfum incomparables enchanteront le palais et l’odorat.

Cognac Grande Fine Champagne

Premier Cru de Cognac



Rare and exceptional Cognac bearing the Grande Fine Champagne appellation. Perfect development of the perfumes and taste.
Typical characteristics from its origins and ageing. Appearance of the typical flavors of “rancio charentais”

Tasting notes

  • Appearance: Amber golden Brown, very brilliant.
  • Nose: Pleasant scent de Porto, oak and vanilla.
  • Flowery: Dried flowers, rose and carnation. Spices: Cinnamon
  • Palate: A lot of structure and very smooth in the mouth, warm with a perfect harmony between the scents and the flavors.
  • Last several minutes. Great persistence.

Tasting age 35 years

Key words

Noble Cognac from Grande Fine Champagne
Very well balanced, attractive for its authentic characteristics.
Great maturity.
Rich in flavor and perfume.

Cognac Grande Fine Champagne Premier Cru de Cognac XO
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1619 - Cognac - Gourry de Chadeville