Cognac Gourry de Chadeville, Grande Fine Champagne, Ier Cru de Cognac, should be tasted slowly in cognac glasses and lovingly warmed in the palm of your hand. This will emerge the most subtle bouquet. Its incomparable finesse and fragrance will delight the palate and the sense of smell.

Cognac Grande Fine Champagne

Premier Cru de Cognac



Subtle Cognac bearing the Grande Fine Champagne appellation.
It only comes from « Grande Fine Champagne » Premier cru de Cognac. This Cognac rich in tannin and has exclusively aged in Limousin oak barrels

Tasting notes

  • Appearance: Amber, mahogany, slightly orange, with a bright shine.
  • Nose: Aroma of wood and nuances hazelnut and finely vanilla. Pleasant smell of
  • hazelnut, walnuts and almonds.
  • Subtle smells of spices: Tamarind, Oak.
  • Dried fruits: Peach, prune.
  • Palate: Strength and finesse.

Tasting age 30 years

Key words

Fine Cognac from Grande Fine Champagne with great maturity. Perfect harmony with tobacco or cigars.

Cognac Mémoire - Gourry de Chadeville
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1619 - Cognac - Gourry de Chadeville