bandeau dynamique

The distillation is an art known for centuries.  The most successful process is the one made from the traditionally shaped still from the Charente Region, invented around 1600 by the “Knight of the Chestnut cross”.After almost four centuries, this process has not changed. It offers by far the best result exalting the smoothness and complexity of the soil. The distillation is carried out in 2 steps:1st step: The first draft is called “brouillis” and is around 30° volume. 2nd step: The “brouillis” is distilled a second time and this procedure is called “La bonne chauffe” (the good brew). The “head and tail” of this distillation are removed and “the heart” (le cœur) kept and becomes de Cognac, that has already taken on the first elements of its personality. This procedure is very delicate; the first vapors “the head” (la tête) and the last one “the tail” (la queue), are stored separately and are reintroduced in another distillation. Each cycle lasts 24hrs and demands attention, supervision and skill.

The Region ¨Grande Fine Champagne¨ is the most prestigious of all Cognac production. Segonzac and the Chadeville domain are in the heart of this region. It represents  a thirtieth of the whole Cognac Region. From its single soil and its central position the Chadeville domain proposes only Grande Fine Champagne Premier Cru de Cognac.